Path of Redemption by Baruch Nachshon


BNC# 301

Path of Redemption
by Baruch Nachshon
acrylic on canvas
14.5" X 9"

Three figures are depicted moving across a turbid sea of angry waves, symbolizing the trials of exile. Each figure is wrapped in a talit, and lit by the inner flame of their its soul- dedicated to the service of the creator. Each figure combines a human form with the bottom half of a fish, suggesting the ancient tradition that the righteous in holiness are likened to fish in water. The fish allegory also derives from the fact that the fish were spared the ravages of Noah’s flood, as the righteous will be spared the turmoil preceding the final redemption. In accordance with their holy elevation, the three figures are seen floating peacefully above the furious surf that does not trouble them.
All of the three figures are using each of their hands to serve God, and each object that they hold represents another commandment fulfilled, leading them steadily to redemption. Moving from the left of the canvas, in keeping with the figures' own movement from left to right, the religious objects are: In the hands of the first figure, the four species which Jewish people are commanded to bring together on the holiday of succot and an ornate goblet representing the sanctification of God by the blessing over wine. The second figure blows a shofar with one hand, and in the second arm clutches a Torah scroll. The third figure carries two items that are essential to the service in the Temple of Jerusalem: a seven branched menora, and a lyre to accompany songs of praise to God.


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